Why Suffer?

by GO! + No Mistake

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Recorded after GO!'s 1990 US tour with Bad Trip, "Why Suffer?" was our third 7"ep. This and "Your Power Means Nothing" are most probably our best recordings. Listening to this is like being a train going very, very fast and just BARELY being able to hang on.

We thought this was the end, but it wasn't. The 1991 European tour was next, then another ep, and things came and went over the years.

"Why Suffer?" was released on Forefront Records in 1990 (the same label that Sacred Denial were on). There was one printing of 2,550 copies.

Download comes with covers and original lyric and photo spread.


released February 3, 2015

All songs by GO!

Aaron guitar, Anthony Emo bass, Jim drums, Mike Bullshit vocals.

Thanks to Marc Schummer for the audio magic.



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GO! + No Mistake San Jose, California

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Track Name: Hard As
The muscles flex so hard
The music gets lost
Trying so hard to be tough
But what comes across?
Bigotry and violence
Achievements to be proud
But who gives a fuck
As long as the music’s loud
An idea whose time has come - it came and went, sorry guys
Oh, so, harder than harder than hard
So unconcerned with your actions
So unconcerned with this divisive show of force
Where are the ideas
to be retrieved?
They’re nowhere.
And there’s nothing left
Fucking nothing at all
Track Name: Our Scene
Blindfolded youth afraid to hear
Others speak their mind
Accepted conditions – Acceepted topics
Nothing left to talk about
Scene full of violence
Closed ears & minds
Hang out with your friends and weapons
NY? Who gives a shit...
Track Name: On the Need To
On the need to need
I think I do
And I'll never see how that's wrong
Try to deny humanity – Silly human
Wake up and your whole life will be gone

Another human, looking towards the heavens
So above and aloof with self-centered "purity"

On the need to hold, to touch
I'll please guilty
But your courts emit o judgements to which I'll abide
The folly you use to divide falls flat
Give no reason to pretend or to hide

Reaching for the stars
Another goddamn human
Such a shame
Do books define your feelings?

On the need to be
So often such a trying task
But when desire falls victim
To repression
How long will this "virtue" last

Trying to prolong life - Wishful thinking
So above aloof
Just another human
Track Name: Decide
Made a date and broke it once again,
should I have been surprised?
Yet I dropped by your work just to talk
And you gave me those eyes
Oh that smile & silver tongue worked overtime
But why can't I rely?
You've got me on this roller coaster ride
Why can't you just decide?

Maybe you feel it
And maybe you don't
Tell me you will when I know that you won't
Should I learned by now to never trust that feeling inside
Well, somehow - I think I'll survive

Spent last night sitting in and playing records
And waiting for you to call
But not a ring did happen, man
You knew that I was home
These expectations I place
Built up a certain feeling in my mind
Yet in actual practice and no more theories
Once again I'm left behind
Does it at all make sense?

Maybe you feel it
And maybe you don't
Tell me you will when I know that you won't
It's a letdown
But I'll survive
Somehow - I think I'll survive
Track Name: Why Suffer?
We read along
and turn the pages
to see the last chapter
in this book
And I... see no regrets
I’ve got no need for this world
It’s just not made for me
Eyes wide open
I see for the first time
Life and death have no meaning and I realize
Why suffer when it’s all in your head?
Candles aboud, and these tears of emptyness
The meanings lost behind
a veil of propriety
Why live a life
so irrationably based?
The end faces us all
It’s not too much to grasp
Track Name: The ABC Song
Track Name: A Day to Fight For
This life's not for apologies, excuses or justifications
It's not for running or hiding or pretending to be anything at all
Stand hard against their lies
Never compromise the position
Why not be Gay and be loud?
It's time to fight discrimination
We're not sick or perverted
Don't need pity or patronization
We're queer now and always were
No matter what idiocy you say
We cannot rest
So much to do
The rights you take for granted
Are ones you never knew
Working for a day of peace for Lesbians and Gays
and a world where no one is afraid to say
I am what I am - nothing more, nothing less
A day to fight for
A day to strive for
Track Name: Gates of Hell


Track Name: Giant Training Camp
Me and John Jersey
We needed a laugh
So down we went to Giants Training Camp
We got some pictures and we got some autographs
We met the Giants at Giants training camp

Giants Training Camp
Giants Training Camp
Giants Training Camp

Track Name: Just Say GO!
I've got not time to sit down
No time to waste
I've got so much to do
Ain't got not time to wait
No, I can't spare no time for you
'Cos you move way too slow
I've got no time to stay
I've just got time to go - GO!
Track Name: It Was Fun!